Also known as the silvertip bear or North American brown bear, a grizzly bear is a subspecies of brown bear that lives in uplands of western area in North America. This type descended from Ussuri brown bears from eastern Russia and later on travelled to Alaska and North America 50,000 – 100,000 years ago.

Quick Facts About Grizzly Bears

They are generally solitary and active animals. Adult female grizzlies can weigh as much as 200 kilograms or up to 440 lbs while the adult male has an average weight of 180-360 kg or 400-790 lbs. Grizzlies also has an average length of 198 cm or 6 ft, 5 in with an average shoulder height of 102 cm or 3.35 ft.

Large Grizzly Bear Biggest Grizzly Bear Ever Killed

Their diet consists of plants and animals which include moose, deer, sheep and at times, black bears. Those living in the coastal area feed themselves through salmon, trout and bass.

Although they may be aggressive when it comes to defending themselves and their offspring, it plays an important role in maintaining a balance in the ecosystem. Since plants make up a big chunk of their diet, grizzlies have a mutual relationship with fruit-bearing plants. According to some studies, the seeds consumed by grizzlies that are dispersed and excreted has an increased germination success.

Alaska Hunting of Grizzly Bear Biggest Grizzly Bear Ever Killed

The Biggest Grizzly Bear Ever Killed


When a story such as this transpired, there is a tendency to exaggerate details. According to some, the hunter of the biggest grizzly killed worked for the forestry service. During his deer hunting, the bear, which stands 12 foot, 6 inches tall and weighed 1,600 lbs suddenly appeared and charged the hunter from 50 yards away. Using a semi-automatic rifle, he shot the animal on the chest but to no avail. So the hunter decided to shot it on the head instead which caused the bear its instantaneous death. According to reports, the grizzly was able to kill two humans, 72 hours before it was shot.

In Focus Biggest Grizzly Bear Ever Killed


Contrary to what was circulating, not all that was reported were true. On December 2001, two members of the US Military named Ted Winnen and Jim Urban decided to go hunting in Hinchinbrook near Cordova in Canada. It was believed that the island has the highest density of grizzly bears compared to any other areas.

Grizzly Bear and the Hunter Biggest Grizzly Bear Ever Killed

During their hunting expedition, they came across a creek with evident bear signs on it, complete with the food it ate. Then the two soldiers noticed that it was just around, coming after them, not charging. Contrary to reports, the biggest grizzly bear ever killed was 10 feet tall and weighed between 1,000 – 1,200 lbs. As it drew closer to them, Ted Winnen decided to aim at the bear’s shoulder however it continued to move forward. To ensure its death and their safety as well, Ted decided to fire numerous shots, aiming on the animal’s head.

Definitely a brave act from Ted Winnen. How about you? Do you think you’ll survive when a grizzly bear that is twice your height and size attacks you?