The hair is considered to be the natural veil of a woman. According to a lot of people, a woman who has a longer hair appears to be more beautiful. In the old times, the traditional world dictates that a woman should have long locks because it serves as a covering for them. Today, you would see women who have hair that is shorter than what men have. This is one of the effects of modernization where every person has the freedom to choose how to live their lives.

With the modernized way of living where people have already forgotten the essence of growing hair, there are still a lot of women who have uncut locks. Some have been growing their hair in a way that it is already exceeding their height. This is how the woman with the longest hair on earth made it appear when she was finally given the award to be the person who has the lengthiest locks in the whole world.

Dai Yue Qin

Dai Yue Qin is holding the Guinness World Record’s longest hair for the year 2013. This woman with the bizarre taste of growing her locks is from China. In 2001, she decided to live in the United States of America and just went back to her own country in 2005. It has the length of 420 cm and according to her; she decided and started to grow her locks out when she was 14 years old. This explains why she was able to grow such length of hair.

Showcasing the Bizarre Hair Length

If you were going to look at her beautiful locks, you would appreciate its thick and shiny black feature. According to reports, she has been joining a lot of contest in the hair category starting in 2001 and she has been receiving awards for years now. With the length of it, it is not really surprising to know that she has been continuously winning in the said category.

Longest Hair in the World

When asked about the type of care that she is giving to her hair, Ms. Dyq is very honest in sharing her own story. According to her, she spends one to two hours combing it. With that length, that is something that should be expected. One thing that makes it difficult to think about her hair is the fact that she spends five to six hours washing it. But with the awards and the appreciations that she is receiving because of her lengthy and beautiful hair, it is probably not a problem with her to spend so much time in a day taking care of it.

Ms. Dyq

Dai Yue Qin, who is also known as Ms. Dyq is born in April 1964 in China. She is currently working in her own hometown in China. According to her, people who are seeing her hair are always mesmerized and awed not only with the fact that she has the longest hair in the world but they are also amazed about how she maintains its beauty and its shiny feature.