Metals can be a pure element, a compound or an alloy and is very important for human’s existence. Without it, it will be difficult to produce a stable car, buildings, jewelry, and other gadgets and innovations that will help make people’s lives easier and more convenient. It is also needed because of its ability to conduct electricity. In other words, metals are needed in order to help the people survive.

Tungsten Strongest Metal on Earth

There are hundreds of metals, each equipped with certain characteristics and physical properties that set them apart from the rest. While each metal has its own use and distinct properties, nothing is still stronger than Tungsten, the strongest metal on Earth.

Physical Properties

Pure Tungsten Strongest Metal on Earth

Usually found in its compound form or a combination of various elements, Tungsten is a kind of metal in steel gray color which is very brittle and hard to work with. It has a high density level, making it 19.3 times denser than water and 71% denser than lead. It also has the highest melting point at 3,422 degrees Celsius, the lowest vapor pressure at 1,650 degrees Celsius and has the highest tensile strength due to the strong covalent bonds formed between its atoms, making it the strongest metal ever known to man. Because of its tensile strength, tungsten is a difficult candidate when it comes to metal work. More so when alloyed with steel, the toughness will definitely increase.

Tungsten Applications and Uses

Tungsten in Another Figure Strongest Metal on Earth

Because of its strength, Tungsten is often used in the production of hard materials, alloys and steels. Tungsten carbide, one of the hardest carbides, is used to make cutters and knives to be used for drilling, circular saws and milling. It is also used for the production of turning tools which will be used for metal works, wood works, mining, and petroleum and construction industries.

A Product of Tungsten Strongest Metal on Earth

Tungsten carbide is also used in the jewelry industry because of its hardness. In fact, it is even used as an alternative to gold or platinum. Rings made of this metal are hypoallergenic, abrasion resistant, and scratch-resistant and can hold a burnished finished longer compared to the other metals. However, rings made of Tungsten carbide are brittle and can crack under a sharp blow.

Pure tungsten has better ductility and has an efficient electrical conductor compared to any other metals, which explains why it is also used in electrical and high temperature applications. As a matter of fact, Tungsten is used in the filaments of incandescent light bulbs, X-ray tubes, cathode-ray tubes, and super alloys.

Tungsten in Pieces Strongest Metal on Earth

Aside from this, Tungsten is also used in order to obtain heavy metal alloys such as high speed steel. It can be used to create rocket nozzles, turbine blades and wear-resistant parts and coatings. Due to its density level, Tungsten is also used in the production of ballast keels for yacht, tail ballast for commercial aircrafts and ballast for race cars.

With this kind of characteristics and how it is used in various fields, it is no wonder that Tungsten is considered as the strongest metal on Earth.